The insignia of Presidential Families of America is one of the most dignified and beautiful of any available in the hereditary society community.  Citypride, the company of Don Ross which also produces of the insignia of the Society of the Cincinnati, craft the insignia of PFA as well.   Available to all members of PFA, a signed authorization form must first be acquired from the Insignia Chairman before insignia can be ordered.

Mr. Tim Mabee
Insignia Chairman
Presidential Families of America
17 Killarney Ct.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-7501

Large Insignia, 1 1/2" diameter with ribbon drape and box

1/10th 10 Karat gold-filled   P.O.R.
10 Karat Gold P.O.R.
14 Karat Gold     P.O.R.

Miniature Insignia, 3/4" diameter with ribbon drape and box

1/10th 10 Karat gold-filled     P.O.R.
10 Karat Gold   P.O.R.
14 Karat Gold    P.O.R.

A 30" Neck Ribbon, worn by officers of the Society,  is also available for $25. Those interested in visiting Citypride's site, and examining the insignia more thoroughly may click the photo below.

In addition, beautiful membership certificates are produced for all new members.  Below is an approved sample membership certificate.  The member name has been removed for public display.  Actual size is 8.5" x 11.0".


Presidential Families of America