Friday, April 17, 2020
Presidential Families of America

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Welcome to Presidential Families of America.  Founded in 1995, we are a lineage society composed of members who share direct or collateral blood kinship with one or more Presidents of the United States. 

The American Experiment ranks among the greatest achievements of human civilization.  Having successfully established unprecedented individual freedoms, private ownership, and republic-based democratic governance, The United States of America, has essentially pioneered and protected the free-world model across the globe.  At the helm of this remarkable nation stands the leader of the executive branch of its government; the Commander in Chief; the American President.

Known in this modern era as 'The Leader of the Free World',  the President does, indeed, wield extraordinary power. Among other things, the post carries the singular allowance to wage war for sixty days without the consent of Congress, the privilege of nominating Supreme Court Justices, and the ability to veto legislation from Congress.  The President's position and office, unlike the judicial and legislative branches of American government, is unified, focused and concise, and its authority is remarkably consolidated.

Even so, our Presidents are only mere mortals.  They are our fellow Americans whom descend from the very same immigrants from which we, ourselves, descend.  They grew up in the same cities and towns in which our own children play today. American genealogical study is a relatively defined field (about four hundred years of history), although there still exists significant research to be undertaken.  Because of this, our common, traceable lineages are something which tie Americans together as a nation, and as individuals, in a unique way.

Presidential Families of America is committed to honoring the men (and no doubt, women, in future years), who have led our nation.  We are dedicated to identifying and preserving the family history records of all American Presidents, as well as to nurturing fellowship amongst their direct and collateral relatives. Members of PFA are united in celebration of the accomplishments of all American Presidents, regardless of political party, or issues of the past.  We cherish the special heritage which has come to us through our Presidents.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and will, perhaps, join our ranks!


Presidential Families of America